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10 Graphic Design Blunders That Ruin Your Instagram Posts

Graphic design blunders

Leave out all the people, who made Instagram accounts, and forgot them. But you’ll still have around 2 billion active Instagram users left behind. You can judge the popularity of Instagram with a few simple statistics. Despite the viral TikTox, Instagram remains an important business platform. You just need to know which social media marketing mistakes to avoid for success. Make sure you’re asking the right people for advice otherwise you’ll waste money. Look towards the top accounts on Instagram for inspiration. But remember that your niche matters. Focusing on the best ranking accounts in your business category is a smart move. Moreover, you’ll get a good idea of competitors. Reach out to professionals to find mistakes in pictures, captions, schedules, account bio, etc.     

Your photos and videos aren’t the only things that affect your Instagram account. At the same time, visual appeal is the biggest appeal on apps like Instagram. What’s more, you have native features on Instagram to attract attention. Besides photos and videos snapped through a camera, graphic design remains important. Even a bad photo can look amazing if you avoid graphic design blunders. This is the age of quick and easy photo editing. Don’t lose heart if your photos turn out bad from the camera. Combine photos or videos with cool design elements for best results. Moreover, animation makes a big difference in Reels. You can make an impact even if the attention span of the average user is 5 seconds. Invest in user-friendly tools for animation and graphic design. Marketing mistakes to avoid include poor aesthetics that turn off your target audience.    

Are you making these graphic design blunders on Instagram?

Everyone has different tastes, but you can’t think about what you like on social media. When trying to please your followers, think only about what they want to see. Pay attention to the reasons they follow you and the kind of content they enjoy. Putting your likes and dislikes falls under common social media marketing mistakes. What’s more, the look of your content should match your audience’s taste. Don’t try to be oversmart and throw them off. You never know when someone might misunderstand your intent. Make sure your caption, design copy, and graphic design ticks all the boxes. A reminder that these boxes aren’t on your list. Create a list of what your followers love to see.     

1- Dull color palette

Sometimes, understated branding suits a business. However, minimalism doesn’t mean bland or boring visuals. You may be catering to an elite audience that finds the old money aesthetic attractive. There may be another reason you chose muted shades. A company that deals with serious matters like a funeral home won’t pick bright colors. But social media, especially Instagram, loves vibrant shades. If you want to find mistakes in pictures you’re posting, consider the palette. Try to have a highlight color that brightens your grid at least. Catchy patterns and smart use of space may make up for muted tones.  

2- Bad font choices

What looks good to you might not look good to others. That’s a given. Your followers have a range of likes and dislikes. But there is such a thing as a bad font for social media. Look at marketing mistakes to avoid from the user’s point of view. You’re scrolling on Instagram. Suddenly, an image catches your eye and you want to read the text on it. What happens when the readability of the font is poor? Your users can’t make out what you’ve written. Maybe the letters are too close together. Some types of fonts are too narrow or thin. Check out which fonts social media marketers and your competitors use.     

3- Low-contrast text

Those who love ebooks are familiar with day mode and night mode for reading text. Black text on a white background and white text on a black background is best. Why do you think that is? When you pick colors that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, you get high contrast. The higher the contrast, the more clear the text. Low contrast is among the biggest graphic design blunders you see on social media. Always select brand colors that work well with black and white. Ideally, you should have a light color in your brand kit as the background. The darkest color in your brand kit is suitable for the text. 

4- Overstuffed images

Space is important in graphic design. Only rookies try to cover up every inch of space they can find. Social media users are already overwhelmed with content. Give your followers some relief with smart use of space. Stuffing your images with words or funky designs won’t work. Social media marketing mistakes like limited space make users scroll past your posts. You don’t even get a chance to share your message with bad graphic design. Users won’t read your caption or even look at your Instagram handle. You’re going to be ignored if you don’t leave some space in your images. 

5- Irrelevant photos

Imagine seeing a photo of a dog in a Meta ad for cat food. It just doesn’t make sense. The modern user has no time for such nonsense. You’ll lose the attention of users by ignoring relevance. Whatever your message is should be shown in your image show. Play around with texts, images, and videos to pick the right combination. If you find mistakes in pictures on your Instagram, it’s best to take them down. A mistake on your part can hurt your brand image. It’s best to start from scratch if you’ve been sharing irrelevant images or videos. Take your own photos and videos to avoid getting stuck with stock photos and videos.  

6- Poor upload quality

Beginners don’t realize that Instagram has different tactics to please users. The aim of Instagram is to keep users scrolling. Grainy filters and blurry images may look interesting, but that’s rare. A vintage aesthetic or one that matches low-quality images is fine. But brands can make graphic design blunders when they ignore quality. When you upload an image or video, Instagram compresses it. Turn on the option for “upload in best quality” to prevent compression. The purpose of size reduction is to make uploading and playing fast. But bad quality uploads usually leave a poor impression on your brand’s followers.

7- Bad alignment

Talk to a professional graphic designer and they’ll tell you alignment is key. Your image may seem all over the place without alignment. Think about the big picture! There needs to be a reason for every element’s position. Putting things in the wrong place is among rookie social media marketing mistakes. Every element in your image has to look like it has a purpose for its position. Check out some readymade Instagram templates for help. Look at the placements of texts, photos, and videos in templates. Customize Instagram images to suit your brand and ad campaign. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but avoid random positions.  

8- Tiny font sizes

The zoom feature exists for a reason in most apps. When you want to take a closer look, zoom in. Instagram has a wonderful zoom function, but it takes effort. Planning the perfect post means your followers get to relax. It doesn’t make sense that your audience has to take an extra step to get your message. You can always use carousel posts for a lengthy design copy. Users find mistakes in pictures and scroll past them. Simply use the right font size to get your messages across to users. The caption is a good place to explain what you want your image to express.  

9- Ignoring branding

If your posts are the same as those of other businesses, you lose attention. Your branding makes you unique. Taglines describe your business values. Logos explain what you do along with taglines. The colors and design of your logo are based on the colors in your brand kit. The colors that define your brand should be present on your social media. Those who know your brand instantly identify you through your branding elements. Therefore, marketing mistakes to avoid include neglecting branding on social media. Instagram is a visual app, which makes it perfect to establish your brand identity. Showcase the symbols and shapes connected to your brand on Instagram.   

10- Too much text

It’s true that your loyal followers will likely read most of what you put out. But it’s important to reach non-followers on social media. Grow your following on Instagram by avoiding graphic design blunders like overuse of text. You know how kids prefer pictures over words? Social media users have short attention spans like kids. Don’t expect Instagram users to read long paragraphs. Only content that speaks to a person’s needs makes them follow you. Increase your Instagram engagement by using fewer words. What’s more, learn the art of saying more with fewer words. Use music, images, videos, animation, and graphics more than words.  

Instagram marketing mistakes to avoid losing followers

No one wants their hard-won followers to leave. It takes time, dedication, and effort to reach your desired audience. Having to do that hard work all over again sounds awful. Just ask people whose Instagram accounts have been hacked and lost. Don’t just make strategies to gain new followers. Try to keep your existing followers happy with the right kind of content.

Oversharing content

There’s a myth that just refuses to die: post more to grow more. It’s simply not true that posting more grows your followers. Posting more often than you should is one of the worst social media marketing mistakes. Imagine being an Instagram user having the bad luck to follow an oversharer. Just like people get sick of reruns on TV, users are bound to tire of seeing you all the time. The idea is to develop real attachments with your followers. No one likes a clingy person or an account that posts three times a day. You may break this rule for special events like product launches or short promotions.

Posting Long Reels

It’s a sad truth that our attention spans as humans are getting shorter. Long-form content is great in podcasts and Lives. However, Instagram Reels don’t fall into the same category as Lives. The difference between an Instagram Live and Reel is interaction. A real-time conversation between you and your followers isn’t like a one-way Reels connection. Just like you find mistakes in pictures, look for errors in your Reels strategy. Say what you have to say quickly or explain it in your caption. Build a smart strategy of short Reels with long captions. You can also make bullet points in short Reels within a frame. 

Random trend hopping 

Viral videos happen because there’s something unique about them. When a user adapts a viral trend, they add a personal touch to it. It’s not possible to adapt a trend to your niche if it doesn’t fit there. Thoughtless trend hopping is among the most common marketing mistakes to avoid. You can get views using viral trends, but not leads. The only way to attract leads and covert users is by giving solutions. If there’s a viral trend that matches your unique selling point (USP), go for it. But never force your brand to fit into a viral trend for pointless views. The main aim of social media marketing is to make money for your business. 

Try-hard memers

A meme gives you an amazing way to express ideas and emotions. There’s nothing wrong with sharing memes. But are you trying too hard? Gen Z and Millenials look down on brands that misuse memes. You need to stay away from graphic design blunders that make you look lame. “With great power comes great responsibility”. Therefore, use the power of memes wisely. Never post a popular meme that doesn’t match your situation well. Brands trying and failing to appear “relatable” are embarrassing. Make sure you don’t fall into a meme trap. Lastly, never use an outdated meme. But you can always post classics if they fit the bill. 

Sharing, not caring

As pointed out above, your style of interaction means everything on social media. The difference between a lecture and conversation is obvious. Posting an image or Reel doesn’t mean it’s like a lecture. You can turn a lecture into a conversation. Teachers can have one-on-one discussions within lectures too. Sharing without engaging counts among serious social media marketing mistakes. Not replying to comments is a red flag. What’s worse is that you only “preach” without encouraging questions. Asking questions is a top strategy to increase Instagram engagement. You may insert a relevant question in your call-to-action (CTA). It’s best to position your CTA at the end of your post.   

How to find mistakes in pictures of products on Instagram

Social media apps like TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are great for showing off your products. You can also post promotional videos, reviews, and tutorials on YouTube. There are short-form and long-form video options in most apps. Combining images to create Reels, Shorts, and Stories is a great idea for showcasing products. Before you post photos, make sure that you’re taking perfect photos. The better your photos, the more views and engagement you get on Instagram.

Poor lighting

Certain low-quality photos taken in low lighting match aesthetics. However, low light settings rarely work for most products. People want to see your product properly so use good lighting. You may wonder what good lighting is. Taking photos at the golden hour is included in social media marketing mistakes. Shocked? Let us explain. Not every product matches the golden hour aesthetic. You also have to think about the tone of that lighting. Do you need warm or cool toned lighting for your product? Daylight is great for many products, but not all products are used outdoors. You may wish to use an indoor studio for product photography. 

Overusing filters

Common complaints from customers include misjudging product colors. You’ll find mistakes in pictures that aren’t obvious when you put your customers first. It’s a given that colors look different in photos and videos vs. real life. What’s more, brands often add disclaimers about color expectations. However, you can reduce the difference in product color by avoiding filters. Customers are disappointed with the colors of makeup, clothing, and accessories. The “what you see is what you get” approach to business gains trust. You can avoid using too many filters and overediting to preserve product colors. Getting the lighting right also helps bring out the true colors of products   

Not showing usage

While some products are for decoration, many are not. The “sitting pretty” approach is one of the biggest marketing mistakes to avoid. If your customers are buying your product to use it, show it in use. Instagram has several formats for displaying products being used. Video format isn’t the only way to give tutorials, for instance. Beauty bloggers used to make tutorials using images. Showing products in use helps answer the questions in the minds of your audience. You can describe how your product works in a single image. For example, you can show a blow drying brush used on half a head of wet hair.  

No size references 

The person looking at your product through a screen doesn’t know how big it is. Customers have made memes about mistaking product sizes. But it’s a failure on the part of your business in reality. When a customer pays money for a certain product size, they should receive exactly that. It’s up to you to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. You can remove graphic design blunders that lead to such poor results. A quick solution is to show size references using models. If a model is holding your product in the image, guessing its size is easy. You may also use familiar everyday objects to display the true size of your product.   

Limited product view

The joke about the front being the opposite of the back is a real thing. An impressive shot of your product taken from the front looks cool. But what does your product look like from the back, sides, top, and bottom? Don’t make social media marketing mistakes that limit your product’s view. Sometimes your customers may feel cheated because their assumptions were wrong. Instead of keeping people guessing, just show your product from different angles. You don’t always need to shoot videos to get 360-degree product views. Carousel posts with multiple shots from various angles does the trick. 

Social media marketing mistakes ruining your Instagram ad campaigns

Meta ad campaigns are run on both Instagram and Facebook. You can customize the settings of Meta ads to suit your needs. Think about your aims for that Meta ad campaign as a guide. Consider the people you’re trying to reach with your ad. Moreover, your ad copy is meant to convert Instagram users into paying customers. 

Working with low budgets

The longer your Meta ad campaign is running, the more money you’ll invest. Business owners need to understand that you have to spend money to make money. Running short, low-budget Meta ad campaigns is listed among marketing mistakes to avoid. How many people can you reach in 4-5 days? Not enough! Plan your strategy with the help of ad experts.

Incorrect audience targeting 

Major social media marketing mistakes include spending money on the wrong audience. Meta ad campaigns are highly specific, allowing you to connect with the right people. Create buyer personas and identify various audience segments. Select the age, gender, location, interests, etc. in your Meta ad settings. Note down the description of your ideal buyer for best results.  

Using badly written ad copy

Using the wrong colors is common among graphic design blunders, but so is bad copy. The text that appears on your image or Reel says a lot about your brand. Of course, you have to use the right font size and type. Spacing between sentences and letters matter. The copy takes priority though. Think about the words that will convince users to give you a chance. 

Adding low-quality graphics

You’ll find mistakes in pictures like poor lighting and wrong angles, but quality comes first. The image you use in your Meta ad campaign can’t be blurry or stretched out to fit there. Stock photos can be used, but original photos are the best. Take high-quality photos or videos of your products. Make sure the quality of images or videos isn’t ruined after uploading them.  

Neglecting A/B testing for ads

Expectations don’t always match the reality of Meta ads. A/B testing is necessary for optimization. Keep changing variables to see if you’re making any social media marketing mistakes. Remember to be patient because you can’t draw conclusions from small sets of data. Allow your Meta ad campaign to run for a suitable time to compare results. 

Learn from the graphic design blunders of others on Instagram. Follow the best practices of professional Instagram marketers to avoid mistakes. Use your branding in your visuals and put your audience first. Keep trying new things to find what works for your brand. Moreover, stay consistent and monitor your performance using Instagram Insights. 

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