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Complete Social Media Marketing Service

We offer comprehensive solutions to reach and convert your target audience on social media. Our social media marketing management services focus on quality content and tailored ad campaigns.

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Trusted Social Media Management Agency

Our reliable social media marketing consultant shares their social media marketing strategy from A to Z. We develop timelines for content strategies and ad campaigns. Continuous optimization ensures that your content remains fresh and relevant. Monthly reports for our social media marketing service shows you updated figures that reveal your growth patterns. 

Book a consultation with our social media marketers to discuss your current data and future outcomes. As the top social media marketing company in USA, we believe in a user-centered approach to social media marketing. 


Experienced Social Media Marketing Consultant

We boost reach, engagement, followers, and conversion for a diverse range of B2B and B2C companies worldwide. Therefore, 10Tech is the best social media marketing agency for startups, small businesses, and corporations.  

What Does a Social Media Marketing Company in USA Do?

As the world goes mobile, brands no longer have the option to ignore the need for a social media marketing service. However, you don’t have to create an account on every social media app. Social media marketing is part of digital marketing services because it grows your online brand presence. Moreover, the best social media marketing agency diverts traffic from social media to your website. Running ad campaigns on social media helps you target various audience segments. Organic and paid social media strategies increase your reach. Higher reach through social media marketing management services generates brand awareness. You go from hundreds to thousands of followers. Bringing these followers and even non-followers into your sales funnel increases your revenue. What’s more, non-followers, who are part of your audience, see your content and ads in their feed. 10Tech is a social media marketing company in USA that uses native features of social media apps. The algorithms of social media apps respond positively to accounts that use native features. We follow algorithm updates to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors. Our social media marketing consultant creates, runs, and optimizes ad campaigns for maximum ROI. A/B testing is an integral part of our social media ad campaigns. Running different versions of ads and collecting data on responses enables optimization.  

Startup Strategy for Social Media Marketing Management Services

Budgeting is a major concern for startups so our social media management agency focuses on high returns without breaking the bank. What’s more, we understand how to make the best use of your budget. Years of experience and attention to social media algorithms enables us to support your success. An organic social media marketing service is less expensive as compared to paid ads on social media. Moreover, we increase the ROI of your ad campaigns by putting emphasis on organic reach first. Our consultants increase your conversion rate through smart content strategies. As the best social media marketing agency for startups, we conduct thorough research on target audience preferences. Making tailored pieces of content consistently grabs the attention of potential consumers. Moreover, you gain a loyal following of thousands over time using our strategies. Get higher engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares with our social media marketing management services. We improve your organic reach using native features like Reels, Trending Audio, Hashtags, Reel Topics, and more. Going from an organic to paid approach helps startups save their time and investment. Moreover, our social media marketing consultant creates a timeline for social media development for startups. Our experts recommend using social media campaigns for bestsellers, product launches, and sales. What’s more, our ad campaigns also have a timeline. We follow a well-researched stepwise strategy to ensure your success.       

High ROI for Social Media Ad Campaigns

In order to achieve high ROI for ad campaigns, we focus on lead generation. The first step in getting more leads is defining your target audience. As with any social media marketing service, we create consumer profiles. We research the age, gender, occupation, family status, location, interests, income, and more about your audience. Moreover, our social team defines audience segments to improve conversion. As the best social media marketing agency for social media advertising, we rely on high-quality visuals. What’s more, we develop landing pages tailored to convert your audience. Call-to-action is necessary to drive your audience towards conversion and boost your sales. However, we test every element from ad copy to call-to-action to ensure the best response. Monitoring ad performances is an essential part of our social media marketing management services. We check the views, clicks, and conversions, and more of your ad campaigns. Giving demonstrations and tutorials using your products is helpful. Skillful editing and graphic design are other essentials on our mind during ad development. The format of your ad on social media can be static or video, depending on your preferences. However, video ads continue to trend because they offer a higher degree of engagement. Our social media marketing consultant can guide you on the best course of action regarding social media ad campaigns.       

What we offer

Boosting User Engagement on Social Media

Engagement is a key metric for measuring social media marketing success. As a leading social media marketing company in USA, we prioritize user engagement. When your audience interacts with your content, it means you sparked their interest. Reach isn’t as important to improving conversion rates. We work to increase the number of likes and comments on your posts. Community engagement is a necessary step in boosting engagement according to our social media marketing consultant. However, we include engagement as a factor in our content strategy from the beginning. Our team’s initial audience research reveals its likes and dislikes. We take note of the visuals, formats, tone, and themes that appeal to them. Moreover, crafting content based on audience preferences increases your follower count. Our social media marketing management services consider all KPIs during content development. Reels, static posts, Lives, and Stories are all important to social media users. However, some audiences respond better to certain formats. The content we create includes guides, tutorials, demos, promotions, helpful tips, relevant information, and more. Our social media management agency actively interacts with your audience. We make your audience feel seen and heard, building brand loyalty. Our social media team monitors the responses of your audience to optimize your content. What’s more, we use social media insights to guide us during optimization.         

Audience Reach

Our social media marketing service increases your audience reach to generate brand awareness on social media. Reach includes your followers and non-followers, which helps track your progress. 

User Engagement

Whenever a social media user, who may or may not follow you, interacts with your content, it increases your engagement. This can be in the form of likes, comments, shares, and more.

Increase Followers

As a leading social media management agency, we help increase your follower count on social media. Higher follower counts showcase your brand’s credibility and your consumers’ loyalty. 

Brand Awareness

The more your target audience learns about your brand, the more they become interested in your products/ services. Reach is an important metric when measuring brand awareness

User Conversion

Several factors come into play for a social media marketing company in USA when talking about conversion rates. From content to Call-to-Action, we think of everything.

Website Traffic

While SEO is necessary to maintain steady growth in website traffic, social media marketing is also helpful. We use organic and paid strategies to increase your website traffic. 

Targeted Ads

Reach different audience segments through the ads we run as part of our social media marketing management services. Well-defined segments and optimization ensure success. 

Brand Updates

We develop our content strategy to build a strong relationship between your brand and your audience. Your active followers want to stay updated with what’s going on with your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Our social media marketing consultant helps you discover and collaborate with influencers in your niche, who deliver high engagement on sponsored posts and returns.

Why Choose us

Tailored Social Media Marketing Strategies

Our social media marketers develop creative solutions to generate brand awareness on social media. We pride ourselves on being the best social media marketing agency for those seeking customized social media strategies. Our approach to social media marketing highlights the need for a strategy that works perfectly for your brand. However, branding is not our only priority because the algorithm has its own demands. Therefore, our social media marketing management services balance audience preferences and algorithm updates. Whenever a social media app rolls out a new feature, we assess whether it matches your branding. Our social media marketers try to find alternatives for trends that don’t fit your brand identity. Moreover, audience and competitor research lies at the core of our social media strategy. Our social media marketing consultant makes sure that you stay ahead of the competition, but still fit into your niche. Trust our experts to develop creative content and run ad campaigns that deliver high ROI.   


Generate Leads from Social Media

Did you know that our social media marketing company in USA can bring leads to your website? Yes, you can combine your search engine optimization and social media marketing plans to generate website traffic and leads. 

Book a consultation to learn how you can increase your sales using our social media marketing service tailored to your precise needs. Share your future goals with our experts for feasible solutions.

Social Media Optimization

When we emphasize the need for optimization, you know the best social media marketing agency is handling your social media. Continuous optimization is key to steadily improving your social strategy and boosting your growth.


Data-driven Social Media Strategy Development

You can trust our social media management agency with your digital growth because we create strategies based on current data. Our use of data analytics and regular reporting of insights increases your confidence in our abilities.  


Social Media Marketing Plans

Since every business has unique needs, we provide customized plans for social media marketing management services. However, we also have fixed pricing plans packed with powerful features to drive your growth. Here’s how we go about establishing and growing your brand on social media.

Create Account

Our social media marketing consultant ensures that your social media account’s settings are optimized for high reach and engagement.

Write Your Bio

We include keywords in an effective format for your social media bios so you know we’re the best social media marketing agency out there.

Hashtag Strategy

As a leading social media management agency, we use native features like hashtags to help classify your content and make it easier to find.


You know we’re a reliable social media marketing company in USA because we constantly improve our social media strategies for success.

Select Names

Choosing a suitable name and handle for your social media account improves your reach and connects your social media to your brand identity.

Content Strategy

After conducting thorough research, we design a content strategy that your target audience finds valuable, engaging, and interesting.

Ad Campaigns

We plan, execute, and optimize social media ad campaigns to achieve high ROI, boosting your sales and business revenue quickly.

Social Reporting

We share regular reports with you about your progress on social media. Moreover, you can see recent data in your social media reports.


Popular Social Media Marketing Apps

Every social media app is not suitable for your brand. Therefore, our social media marketing management services include finding the right fit for your business. We recommend building your presence on apps where your audience spends the most time. Usually, the features of those apps align with your audience’s preferences. 

Facebook Marketing

Part of Meta, Facebook is suggested for many brands by our social media marketing consultant. Facebook has several native features to help establish and grow your business online. 

Instagram Marketing

Rapidly turning into a business-focused social media app, Instagram Business provides plenty of opportunities to brands. You can reach your audience through a variety of content, including paid ads. 

TikTok Marketing

Initially considered an entertainment app, TikTok is the fastest growing social media app. TikTok marketing is becoming an important part of our social media marketing service, especially for B2C companies. 

X Marketing

Formerly known as Twitter, X offers long-form content that has increased its popularity. The layout of X makes it ideal for community engagement. What’s more, X allows you to run paid advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn Marketing

We recommend LinkedIn to B2B companies in particular. As the best social media marketing agency for startups, we rely on LinkedIn for rapid growth. Moreover, paid LinkedIn marketing is highly effective for brands.  

YouTube Marketing

Originally popular for its long-form content, YouTube also offers YouTube Shorts like Instagram Reels and TikToks. We can run targeted YouTube ads for your brand based on your various audience segments.  


Growing on Social Media Using Insights

We believe in the power of numbers. Moreover, data analytics is our strong suit. Therefore, our social media management agency emphasizes social media insights. Our experts study past and current data to make important decisions.  

Are you looking for a trusted social media marketing company in USA? We interpret complex data to break down plans for a sustainable social media strategy. What’s more, our tailored solutions are centered on your audience. 



Audience interactions with your content include likes, posts, shares, and even tagging.


Track and increase your following with our social media marketing management services.


We measure retention rates for video-based content and optimize it for higher retention.

Post Reach

Total reach includes followers and non-followers, including unique and repeated views.


Study the age, gender, location, and other important characteristics of our target audience.

Link Clicks

Our social media marketing consultant tracks the number of clicks on your external links.

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Common Questions

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Our social media marketing service is customized according to your budget. However, we have some fixed price plans that might match your requirements.

Since your social media ad budget can vary, we charge a reasonable percentage of your ad spend as the best social media marketing agency for paid ad campaigns.

Besides A/B testing, our social media management agency continuously optimizes your social media ad campaigns to achieve maximum ROI.

Organic growth is a priority for us as a social media marketing company in USA. Moreover, your paid ads show higher ROI and boost your conversion rates after improving organic reach.

We design our social media marketing management services to give you the highest return on your investment. We recommend running paid ad campaigns for special promotions, product launches, collaborations, and more. 

Not every brand requires influencer marketing according to our social media marketing consultant. However, collaborating with influencers who have high engagement increases brand awareness and sales. 

Advising you on selecting social media apps for your brand is part of our tailored social media marketing service. We use your consumer profile as a guide to see which apps your target audience prefers. 

As the best social media marketing agency for sustainable growth, we suggest focusing on quality over quantity. However, posting regularly is important and daily interaction is recommended. Posting once a day on weekdays along with a Story works for many brands.

The experts at our social media management agency explain that you can add external links in your social media bio and Stories among other tactics to increase website traffic.

While users respond to entertaining content positively, our social media marketing company in USA suggests adding branding in subtle and prominent ways. Moreover, the format and mood of your post determines whether your logo or brand name fits better. Add in contact details, including your website where possible. The easiest way to adjust branding on social media is brand colors.

The best way to increase engagement using social media marketing management services is a creative content strategy. Moreover, there are native features that drive engagement. For instance, Instagram allows you to add polls, ask questions, and more.

According to our social media marketing consultant, your follower count increases by building brand loyalty. Your audience follows you to stay updated on product launches, sales, giveaways, and more. We design our content strategy that keeps your audience hooked.  

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